Scrap the rulebook and unite around a set of unifying beliefs.

At Black Slate we know just how effective a well-managed set of values is to a recruitment agency. Done well, an inspiring set of values is your route to a successful culture.


Outputs A typical list of outputs to build and embed your values:

  • Culture audit
  • Values creation workshop
  • Values and behaviours guidelines
  • Internal comms and office branding
  • Employee activation workshops
  • HR alignment stuff e.g. recognition and rewards
  • Measurement, employee engagement
  • For those in need of something weightier we can provide a full Code of Conduct; one good enough to keep the finger-waggers in Legal and HR happy.


Outcomes A well-managed set of values will give you:

  • Engaged and loyal staff
  • Higher caliber talent
  • Great service delivery
  • A healthy culture