About Us

You’ve worked hard to build your recruitment agency, but have you got the brand reputation you deserve?

And by ‘brand reputation’ we mean the total evaluation your clients and candidates make of your business. Because, as Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, said: “brand is what people say about you once you leave the room”. What do they say about your business?

Well, Black Slate will help you build a brand reputation that will – positively – shape the conversations people have about your business. The team at Black Slate is uniquely positioned to build and market your agency’s brand. Why? Because we have decades of experience and success across both large multi-national agencies and niche boutique agencies.

We achieved this success by respecting both our clients and recruitment consultants, and by focusing on results. We ensure our brand and marketing services directly support your sales teams – for the long term.

If you are planning any change, either entering a new market or scaling for growth we can surely help. And if we can’t we’ll tell you straight.

We’d love to hear about your challenges or opportunities and offer our help, call us for a chat 07788 728 189