Brand Strategy

Black Slate builds recruitment brands in three categories. We build from scratch. We refresh brands that have gone stale. We support and develop existing brands.

Through insight, consultancy and innovation we define your brand story and bring it to life. Messages, brand positioning, values, behaviors and visual identity.


Outputs: We deliver you a brand strategy consisting of some or all of the list below:

  • Brand promise – what you promise the market
  • Brand concept – creative to bring your brand to life
  • Messaging – putting your brand/offer into words
  • Vision and Values
  • Brand culture model – link the brand to behaviours and competencies

Outcomes: So what’s the point of a brand strategy, what do you get:

  • Deep understanding of where your business is today
  • Clear insight into what you and your team want to achieve
  • A road-map to achieve your brand and business goals
  • Clear brief for your creative platform and marketing communications